Sunday, 28 February 2010

Flourish Women's Conference 2010

Another year I was blessed with the opportunity to shoot Flourish Women's Conference, at St Marks Church in Dublin City Centre.

The conference runs annually but there are smaller events during the year, every quarter or so.
There is time for worship, praise, talk and pampering. The recession buster fashion show was a fun moment! The women had a 20eur budget per outfit, so they had to be creative and smart on their shopping.

The conference has charity targets and this year they had Zest for Kids onboard. Everyone was very happy they raised a good amount. Zest for Kids is dedicated to help children throughout the world: in India they are helping girls taken from child prostitution; in Uganda they work on the hearts of little boys soldiers taken from war conflicts and lastly in East Europe they help children rescued from abuse and imprisonment.

Below you can see a small clip and the photos are here.

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