Friday, 12 February 2010

Mariza (NCH, Dublin)

Mariza (NCH, Dublin), originally uploaded by DubLx.

11 February 2010, Dublin
National Concert Hall - Walton World Masters

Singer is

1st portuguese guitar player is NOT her son (he is Ângelo Braz Freire*) and the one on the right is Diogo Clemente.

*Mariza was saying that he was her son, but turns out she was playing around fooling everyone! Thanks @Ubi for the correction

This was the music they played without microfone/sound system, just like in the old portuguese Tavern's where this musical genre was brewed.

A brilliant Fado show!!

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Ubi Rhodes-Malin said...

He's not her son! ;o) You forgot to change it here!
P.S. Lovely images in your website!!!