Thursday, 14 May 2009

Recent work: photo shoot

Just delivered my latest work for
The client works as an agency and event organizer for DJ's, singers and performers related to the Hip Hop industry in Ireland.
They also design clothing, so keep that in mind!

Mission: The client wants content to use in their marketing materials and press shots.

Started working Saturday 12.30pm till 22.00pm almost non-stop!
It was exhausting but fun and rewarding!
I enjoyed working with the artists. They are very talented people and most were pretty comfortable going in front of the lens. For those a bit camera-shy we had some nice tunes playing to make them feel more relaxed!

The photos turned out great and the client is amazed by the quality of the work!
I couldn't be happier!

Big thanks to my lovely assistant Sara who was at hand all the times.

Overall we shot 800 pictures (10GB in RAW) and after deleting the useless stuff I had 679 photos to go thru. Of course this task was handled perfectly by Lightroom 2.
From adding general exposure adjustments to burning and dodging, sharpening and croppping this app proved to be 100% reliable. More to come on this matter!

Here are some of the photos. Feel free to drop a line in the comments area.

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Wak This Way said...

Very good job man! Well impressed!