Friday, 17 April 2009

The Lowend Review Gig - Photos

The Lowend Review presented a gig in the The Lower Deck, Dublin.
My friend Adam was playing guitar in his band Engines of Ruin who started the lineup. Got to tell ya, they really rock!
I liked the other bands too but Engines Of Ruin was my fav.

First up were Dublin band Engines of Ruin. 
This was the bands first gig and showcased their blend of heavy stoner rock.

Following up was by Castero from Tipperary:

Then Brigantia Doom from Galway:

And closing the gig was heavy pounding rock Haieeta:

About the photos:
They were all lit with 2 bare strobes with gels. 
The small size of the venue limited my action so I couldn't move the strobes around too much.
If I could I would have placed the strobes more to the center to make the light spread more evenly across all band mewnbers but my best option was to clamp both flash's to the sound colums stands on each side of the stage. I had to play with aperture settings: f2.8 for the drummer in the back, f4 for the singer and f5.6 for the bass and guitar players close to the flash's. But when I got to shoot the whole stage the bass and guitar got a bit burned out.. :(
Almost all photos are ISO 200 and shutter speed of 1/250.
I haven't edited the photos yet, but some cropping, dodge&burn will take place.

Here are the photos. This kept me busy all night shooting all the bands! 

Part I

Part II:

20090416_TheLowerDeck_Part_2 - Images by /

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