Monday, 2 February 2009

DJ'ing @ Space Ibiza

@Space Ibiza

Here's the lightning diagram for this setup

So, here's how this photo came to be:
EXIF: 26mm / f16 / 2'' / iso 200
Background was a black fabric;
1)Key light used is a Bowens Gemini 500 with barn door to concentrate light on DJ head/shoulders. This was at 1/2 power aprox;
2)Nikon SB800 flash on stand, with snoot and red gel pointing to the DJ Mixer;
3)A little blue led from a usb hub points to the logo on the laptop;

The 2'' exposure made it possible for the mixer control lights and blue led to burn in.
The short flash duration of the key light made it possible to freeze DJ face (avoiding a blurry effect from the 2'' exposure).

Other notewhorthy details: 
Using the Nikon D3 connected to the laptop is a breeze. 
I was focusing remotely using the live-view feature on the laptop screen, checking the composition and changing exposure settings. 
After hitting the "shot" button (in Nikon Capture Control 2) the file is downloaded to your pictures folder. 
This enabled me to see the final result on the 15'' screen in just 5 seconds after the picture was taken!

I hope you like it, I sure had fun getting to this final result.

Disclaimer: this was not shot at Space Ibiza. That was just a dream! 
If I get a DJ gig there I will surely post some pics! 

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Anonymous said...

Ja devia ser o fim da noite, o DJ tava com uma cara....